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The company was established in 2014 by Dionysopoulos Giannis. A shop in Koroni, steady presence in several countries and a growing grove in which innovative cultivation takes place.

Kiari means crystal clear.

A word, from the local dialect, a left over from the Venician era of Koroni.

The town where our company is based.


We are cultivating, producing and bottling, our own extra virgin olive oil and olives from our own grove in Koroni.

We are gathering the best greek delicatessen products and bottled wines, which we offer through our shop and wholesale channels throughout the world.

We are organising olive oil and wine tastings on appointment, either in our shop or your selected location, held by specialised Sommeliers.

Olive Oil

100% Koroneiki variety. Early harvested, cold pressed and extracted.

Kiari Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Unfiltered

After staying in inox tanks for three months, and after the margarins settle naturally, the olive oil is bottled with no further infiltration.

Kiari Extra Virgin Olive Oil

After staying in inox tanks for two months, the olive oil is bottled after careful and light infiltration.


Kiari Kalamata Olives

The famous. In extra virgin olive oil.

Kiari Koroneiki Olives

The small ones. Ideal as a starter. In brine with crushed paprika.

Soap Bars

Kiari Soap Bars

Margarines and oil that are not finally bottled, are turned in soap bars by a specialised cooperating company.


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